Pumpkin Pot Pie
with poblano peppers & parsnips, in a vegan short crust

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Ipanema's Staying Power

Big Spoon 2/22/2015
"Anyone who's descended down the dark staircase into the cozy wood-toned walls of one of Richmond's only vegetarian establishments to sink their teeth into a BBQ Jackfruit sandwich knows Ipanema is not quite like anywhere else."
ipanema cafe


Need Supply Co. December 2013
"In the spirit of the holidays, we visited our friends at Ipanema to create custom cocktails suited for the season. Star bartender Andrew Rhea crafted his own twists to some classics, making them unique, super tasty, and still reminiscent of the traditional. Check out the process and ingredients behind our new favorite holiday cocktails."
andrew makes a drink

Perfect Pairings

Richmond Magazine November 2013
"The smoked gouda sandwich, with it's perfect combination of melted cheese, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and crusty bread, matches the rich, toasted malt in Legend's most popular brew."
Grilled Cheese and brown ale

Dining Out Review: Ipanema Cafe

Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/18/12
"With reasonable prices, a great wine list and a menu flavorful enough to appease vegetarians and carnivores alike, Ipanema clearly knows how to keep the customers coming. "
Ipanema Cafe

A Refreshed Ipanema

Richmond Magazine Food Stuff 8/13/12
"Known for its creative vegetarian fare and basement setting, Ipanema Cafe on West Grace Street is back after a short vacation with a fresh look and new dinner menu."

Best Restaurant for Vegetarians

Richmond Magazine Best & Worst 2012
"You're as likely to find a carnivore enjoying a marinated tofu Caesar salad or a smoked Gouda-and-caramelized onion sandwich at Ipanema as you are a dedicated vegetarian. "A lot of customers approach Ipanema like they would an ethnic restaurant, like going out for Thai or Ethiopian," says owner Kendra Feather. "And the food is just that good."

Best Restaurant for Vegetarians 2012

Style Weekly
"It's location may be slightly subterranean, but Ipanema Cafe's reputation as a vegan and vegetarian destination definitely is above ground. The consistent caretaking of owner Kendra Feather and a staff that challenges itself to reinvent the wheel means a changing menu of meatless choices that are hearty and affordable for a wide-ranging clientele."

Best Vegetarian Restaurant 2012

Virginia Living
"It's as well-rounded and tasteful as any menu you'll find in Richmond, vegetarian or otherwise. No suprise this place is consistently named on of the city's best eateries."

Pride + Perserverance

American Way Magazine June 2011
"Richmond today feels, above all, like a young town, not afraid of a little self-expression. That was the epiphany I had at Ipanema Cafe at 11 p.m. (on a Sunday, no less). Anousheh Khalili, a native Virginian, was playing the keyboard and singing her original songs (think Nelly Furtado with a touch of Alanis Morissette) for several dozen enthusiastic fans. [...] "You're not going to find a lot of chain restaurants around here," Stone says. "People like things a little different."
Kendra Feather

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"There's a cool little place with groovy music and downright delectable vegetarian fare hiding on Grace Street in the heart of Virginia Commonwealth University."
- B.P. Fox / Style Weekly

"To me, that's the mark of a great restaurant, where everything, from the most expensive entree to the thrifty cup of soup, is a rare treat. "
- Colleen Curran / Richmond.com

"Ipanema caters not just to vegetarians but to foodies in general."
-Elizabeth Kincaid / Style Weekly

"And a treasure it is. I hate cliches, but you could call Ipanema a diamond in the rough..."
-Michelle Stuchell / Richmond.com

"No meat on the chalkboard, and it's still one of the best menus in town."
- Brandon Reynolds and Amy Biegelsen / Style Weekly

"Ipanema's meatless menu is savory enough to satisfy the most rigid carnivores."
-Kate Bredimus / Richmond.com