Ipanema Cafe, Richmond VA


Three amazing whites, four astounding reds.
$30 by the bottle.


Copain Chardonnay 'Tous Ensemble' 2013, California Chardonnay
'Tous Ensemble,' or 'All Together,' highlights the Chardonnay grown in the cooler climate of the Anderson Valley in California. After spending years working in France, winemaker Wells Guthrie uses these cooler vineyards to produce a lighter style of Chardonnay.

Benitos Santos Albarino 'Bemil' 2008, Rias Biaxas, Spain Albarino
Benitos Santos is an organic winery located along the northwest coast of Spain, just off the Atlantic Ocean. The vineyard of Bemil is named after the sixth century Romanesque church Santa Maria de Bemil. Production of this wine yields 3,800 bottles and unlike young AlbariƱos, these aged wines exhibit depth and complexity. This wine sees 36 months on lees before bottling, native yeasts and minimal use of sulfur.

Betes Curieuses 'Chateau-Thebaud' 2006, Muscadet, France Melon de Borgogne
Betes Curieuses (Curious Beast) is a collaborative project between two long-time friends, Jeremey Mourat and Jeremey Huchet. These producers show that Muscadet can be more than just a young, fresh, crisp wine. Their 'Chateau-Thebaud' proves that the native grape, Melon de Borgogne, exemplifies intricacy and even madness, compared to that which others would consider a simple wine.


Bruno Debize 'Les Combertiers' 2010, Beaujolais, France Gamay
Bruno Debize is quite possibly one of the most esoteric winemakers in the world today. He produces wine in its most natural state, utilizing native yeasts with little or no sulfur (SO2). In 2013, at 40 years of age, Debize retired from winemaking due to a bureaucratic disagreement with the French government. Due to this, his wines have become highly coveted because of their near extinction. However, his wines remain pure, fresh, and easily drinkable. "Les Combertiers" is from a small plot of old vines situated on granite and clay.

La Grange Tiphaine Touraine Amboise 'Clef de Sol' 2013, France Cabernet Franc, Cot (Malbec)
'Clef de Sol' not only means 'Treble Clef' in French (winemaker Damien Delecheneau is a musician), it also means 'Key of Soil' for this biodynamic estate in the Loire Valley. The wines of La Grange Tiphaine are full of life and thrilling to drink.

Le Roc des Anges Cotes du Roussillon Villages 'Segna de Cor' 2013, 2013 Grenache, Carignan, Syrah
Ancient Carignan vines (110 years) on ancient schist soils (570 million years) are how Marjorie Gallet started with her winery in the south on France in 2001. The vineyard became known as 'Le Roc des Anges' or 'Rock of the Angels' symbolized by the streak of white quartz that ran through the vineyard.

Guttarolo Primitivo 'Lamie delle Vigne' 2009, Puglia, Italy Primitivo
This is a lovely Primitivo despite the fact that the varietal is known as Zinfandel in America. Guttarolo's Primitivo is grown on a small vineyard of roughly 3.7 acres. The wine is pure tastiness with no use of oak and close to two years in stainless steel tanks. It has weight, structure, and some punch. No clarification, no filtration, no sulfur (SO2).